At TankTopper we are here to search the market of our UKIFDA accredited suppliers for you on a daily basis to find you our cheapest Heating Oil price.

There are many things that can affect heating oil prices in the UK even things you may not expect such as weather, demand, local competition and global politics.

However, there are some additional actions that you can take to save money on your central heating oil.

So, you could be asking “how do I get the cheapest price of heating oil near me?”. Well, here are our top tips:

Top up in the summer months

Weather can have a huge effect on kerosene prices because when heating oil is in high demand the underlying oil price often rises.

More often than not the best season to buy cheaper heating oils is the summer. During the warmer months, kerosene is traditionally cheaper than winter when cold weather and high demand starts to kick in.

Although you may not be ready to fill up your tank in summer, it is always best to try and remember to stock up before the colder months start, this way you will hopefully benefit from lower prices and shorter delivery periods.

Fill up your tank to capacity

The amount of heating oil you order will also affect the price as smaller quantity orders tend to have a higher pence per lite (ppl) compared to if you order a higher quantity.

The size of your tank will affect how much heating oil you can store, and therefore how much you can order in one go. We suggest that you double check the quantity of kerosene your tank can hold and order the maximum amount which will fit safely into your tank – however, don’t risk an overfill. If you have concerns about your heating oil degrading over time speak to our team about our heating oil additives and Tank Sponge Eco to help prevent water and sludge contamination within your tank.

Select the largest vehicle you can

When placing an order for your Heating Oil always try and order on the largest vehicle possible. Smaller vehicles often come with an increased pence per litre which increases the cost of your oil.

Larger vehicles are often cheaper because they hold a larger quantity of fuel making them more efficient, as they can make more deliveries in one trip.

Don’t order express delivery – unless you really need it!

As with smaller vehicles, express deliveries often come with (sometimes considerably) higher pence per litre price which increases the overall cost of your order. To ensure you never have to pay for express delivery be sure to check your fuel levels regularly to make sure you never run out or get close to running out.

Express delivery often has a charge because the supplier will often have to reroute the delivery vehicle to prioritise your order which can drastically lower efficiency levels and extend drivers hours. When selecting an express delivery, you are paying to be first in line to get your delivery of Kerosene Heating Oil.

Don’t lose the Heating Oil you have because of a leak or spill!

Ensuring your Kerosene tank is safe and fit for purpose is arguably the largest way to save money on heating your home with Heating Oil. Damage or ware and tear on your tank can result in fuel being lost either into your tanks internal bund (if your tank is bunded) or into the area around where your tank is located. Fuel spill clean up costs can become very high depending on the quantity of fuel spilled, its proximity to buildings and water courses and the cost to replace both the fuel and the tank. Avoid this by conducting a regular visual check of your tank and by asking an OFTEC Heating Technician to inspect the tank formally when your annual boiler service is conducted.

Looking for a technician to conduct a tank inspection and boiler service? Speak to our team on 0800 038 4437.

Sadly, Heating Oil isn’t a pleasure purchase. You order it because you need it to keep your home cosy and warm. By using our top tips you can save yourself money to spend on something a little more fun!

So, don’t forget to have a quick check of your fuel level and if you need a quote please click here or call our friendly team on 0800 038 4437.

We will be glad to help in any way we can!