Tank Topper – a Greenarc company is a UKIFDA-accredited distributor. As part of our membership, we are sharing details with our network about the UKIFDA and OFTEC Be Winter Wise Campaign.

Be Winter Wise And Prepare Now

As the colder months approach, it’s important for heating oil users to plan ahead to ensure their heating systems are ready for the winter.

Here are five tips from UKIFDA and OFTEC to help you stay warm and safe:

ONE: Keep Your Heating Oil System Maintained

Regularly check your heating oil boiler and tank to ensure they are working efficiently and not wasting heating oil. It’s recommended to have your oil heating system serviced annually by a local OFTEC engineer. Visit OFTEC’s website to find a registered technician near you.

Click here to visit OFTEC’s website to find your local registered boiler technician

Additionally, UKIFDA heating oil distributors offer plenty of helpful advice on their websites about ordering and delivery, tips for taking care of your heating system, and tank management.

TWO: Book Your Heating Oil Delivery Early

To avoid weather-related delays and higher costs, it’s best to book your heating oil delivery in advance. During the winter months, emergency deliveries may not always be possible, so order your oil early enough before your oil level becomes too low.

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THREE: Sign Up For UKIFDA’s Cold Weather Priority Scheme

If you or someone you live with is 75 years or over, sign up for UKIFDA’s free Cold Weather Priority (CWP) scheme. This initiative helps identify at-risk customers so that UKIFDA distributors can prioritise fuel deliveries, particularly during extreme cold weather or fuel shortages. This potentially life-saving initiative costs heating oil customers absolutely nothing, and you only need to ask your local UKIFDA member to be included in CWP.

Click here for more about the CWP.

FOUR: If You Are Struggling To Pay

For those heating oil users that may be vulnerable or are struggling to pay for their oil, there are a number of government guides packed with useful information and helpful guidance on how to access support where needed.

The Help for Households campaign provides information about the support available to help with the cost of living and offers money-saving tips. Plus, the Government’s Help With Your Energy Bills guide advises on this year’s Cold Weather and Winter payments.

UK Help For Households

Scotland Cost of Living Campaign

Wales Help Cost of Living

FIVE: Choose a UKIFDA-Accredited Distributor

Ensure your heating oil supplier is a member of UKIFDA for the safest and most efficient storage, handling, and delivery of fuel. This accreditation also provides additional customer protection that non-member companies may not offer.

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