Are you new to Heating Oil or just curious about what domestic Heating Oil is used for?

Kerosene, also known as Heating Oil or 28-second oil is used in over 1.5m homes and businesses across the UK. Households which use Heating Oil are most commonly unable to be connected to the national gas grid and instead rely on kerosene to heat their homes and heat water.

How is Heating Oil used?

Heating Oil is used as fuel for heating in home boilers and domestic properties as well as for industrial heating for business premises. In addition, Kerosene Heating Oil is used in some (more) industrial power washers and other commercial purposes. A slight offshoot of “Home Heating Oil” is commonly used for Aviation fuel.

Most homes that require Heating Oil will have a plastic or metal storage tank (see image below) which is located (fairly) close to the property and is used to feed fuel to the heating system which is often an oil-fired condensing boiler. Most tanks hold between 1,000 to 2,500 litres of kerosene (although smaller and larger tanks are readily available). This fuel is usually delivered on a HGV fuel tanker and is then pumped into the tank by the driver.

How do you purchase Heating Oil?

You can purchase Heating Oil online at At TankTopper we have searched the market and brought together a range of UKIFDA (the Heating Oil industries trade association) registered suppliers who will provide their daily price so that consumers can get a fantastic price for Heating Oil in their area that day.

Is it more expensive to use kerosene for heating?

Heating Oil prices change daily and can sometimes vary dramatically due to a range of local, national and international factors. The graph below shows the most recent changes to kerosene prices in the UK. Some external factors like extreme weather, politics and import costs all have an impact on the price you pay.
When it comes to Heating Oil prices, oil fired central heating is generally a little more expensive than gas for heating but is often the cheapest option in rural areas where there is no gas supply.

Is it time to top up your Heating Oil tank?

With a large network of independent UKIFDA accredited suppliers, you can rely on to supply your Heating Oil when you need it.

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