Clarity Terms and Conditions
Clarity by TankTopper makes it easier than ever to pay for your home heating oil. Giving you the
ability to monitor your heating oil consumption and spread the cost of your annual fuel usage across
12 manageable monthly direct debit payments.
In addition to this handy budgeting tool, we will also help you keep track of your account balance, by
emailing you a quarterly review statement. If your usage differs greatly to the volume your monthly
payments where originally based on then your direct debit payment may be increased as a result.
TankTopper will always offer 7 working days’ notice of any change to payment amounts. We will also
work with you to review your account annually to help ensure your monthly payments remain on
It’s really easy to get started, all we ask that you pay for your first delivery of fuel in full today*, Then
once you have made three consecutive monthly payments you will be able to use your account to pay
for subsequent orders**.
When signing up to Clarity we include the provision of a Clarity Fuel Monitor, TankSponge Eco and
gain access to our App – “Clarity by TankTopper”. To sign up to Clarity today, please click here or
contact our customer experience team on 0845 646 0953. We can set up your direct debit payments
over the phone in just a few minutes.
*Minimum order amount of 500L, 1000L order min to purchase Clarity fuel monitor at £24.99**Orders
placed are subject to good management of direct debit account and review of existing balance.
***20% inflation on daily PLATTS has been added to calculation in order to ensure you are budgeting
effectively and ideally to protect you from market fluctuations following your date of commencement.
Clarity Fuel Monitor:
Our Clarity fuel-monitor was developed to make ordering heating oil as simple as possible. Once
installed you can keep track of your heating oil level via the Clarity App, Clarity will alert you when
your heating oil level gets low giving you plenty of time to place an order, alternatively you can opt for
automatic scheduling of trigger driven deliveries meaning you have one less thing to worry about.
Our Easyfit Clarity monitor comes with a quick install guide for straightforward fitting. We have
developed a series of handy installation videos should you find that you need additional assistance.
Click here to browse our videos.
There is an ongoing annual fee currently set at £18.00. This may be subject to change should we
incur further charges from our data supplier. Please be aware that this charge is already included in
the monthly payment calculation, which covers the data service, for your monitor. Should you cancel
your direct debit payments but wish to utilise the Clarity monitor we would simply invoice you for this
data fee annually in advance.
The average battery life for your fuel monitor range from 3-6 years. Depending on weather conditions.
The Clarity App will display the battery strength of your device, please contact us on 0845 646 0953
should you require a replacement battery. Batteries are currently charged at £8.99 + P and P and can be
added to your account balance with no upfront charge.
TankSponge Eco
During the past few years and through a much higher media focus we have become increasingly
aware of the problems caused by single use plastic and the devastating effects it can have on marine
After the success of our original TankSponge product which clearly demonstrated that customers are
keen to remove contaminated water from their fuel tanks we initiated some major redevelopment and
investment and we are now able to offer a water removal kit made from a combination of naturally
derived and recycled materials that can be used time and again.
The TankSponge Eco has been specifically designed to remove contaminated water from the base of
vented oil tanks which are prone to water collection specifically from condensation and atmospheric
Condensation occurs overtime in most bulk fuel tanks and if left unchecked will actively promote the
growth of harmful tank sludge; this will ultimately shorten the life span of your tank, heating system
and could potentially cause your tank to crack and leak causing catastrophic damage to the
environment and your property.
The TankSponge Eco device consists of a single specially moulded reusable cage made from
recycled plastic, which itself is also recyclable. The cage is hinged and designed to hold replaceable
TankSponge Eco inserts, each cage comes with two inserts each of which will soak up to
approximately 700ml of contaminated water from the bottom of the oil tank, whilst not soaking up any
of the Kerosene. We recommend replacing the inserts at least every six months although the first
insert may fill up in just a few days, depending on the age of your tank and the date of your last tank
To order replacement inserts for your Tanksponge Eco simply click here or call the customer
experience team on 0856 606 0950.
Cancellation of Monthly Direct Debit Payments
If you are considering cancelling your Direct Debit payments we’d like to hear from you before you do
so. If any payments are missed due to us not being able to claim them, you may be subject to a
missed payment fee. It also means that you may be in danger of falling behind on your payments, and
that subsequent Direct Debit payments will need to be higher than previously quoted to cover any
missed period.
I’m having trouble making my payment
We do understand that unforeseen events may occur and you may have trouble paying for your oil. If
you know that this may be the case, please contact us as soon as possible. The sooner we know this,
the sooner we can discuss how we might be able to help and discuss available payment plan options.
We have also included some useful links for impartial advice:
***Your monthly direct debit payments are calculated on the following basis:
Current Kerosene FT Close Platts x (EAC) e.g 1300L +20% - rounded up + £18.00 (ANNUAL
CLARITY DATA FEE) + £17.00 (Tanksponge Eco) = £70PCM