It's taken care of.

Simple, intelligent fuel purchasing is
just a few clicks away.

Clarity on Offer

Clarity on Offer

Order your fuel today, estimate your annual usage and sign up to a monthly Direct Debit to get £100 off the cost of an easyfit Clarity Sensor.

£124.99(inc vat) £24.99

It's as easy as...

Purchase a top up of Heating Oil today
Estimate your annual usage and sign up to a monthly Direct Debit
Attach your easyfit monitor and register on the Clarity App
Relax safe in the knowledge that your Heating Oil is taken care of

Heating oil purchasing made easy

Our app sends you an alert when it's time to refill so you'll never run out again. You can either click and buy via the app or set it up to order the fuel for you when you're running low.

It has never been so easy to order heating oil!

Attach your tank Pay as you go
Attach your tank Direct Debit

On the farm

With multiple tanks to monitor, each with different consumption rates and volumes, see how Clarity changed Bob's day to day life.

Keeping warm

Topping up her tank became a hassle Claire didn't want. See how Clarity took away the worry of running out of fuel.